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Our choreography is structured to be easy and fun - no matter if you're a beginner, expert, or have never even danced before. The VIBE Tribe is a safe place for everyone to share too - get feedback and go through the journey with others in the same stage as you.

“Seriously such a fun dance class! Melissa pours her heart and soul into every class and I can’t imagine my week without her class honestly!”

Morgan S.

"Amazing! Such a fun class even for people with zero dance experience. Melissa is the best!"

Elissa W.

"This class was so much fun and Melissa made is super approachable for beginners too!"

Berkley M.

"Yaaas! All levels welcome. Melissa does such a great job of teaching and making everyone feel comfortable."

Ashley W.


Stephanie C.

Have fun dancing, anytime, anywhere, period. All while maximizing calorie burn.

Whether you’re on your lunch break, or in your living room dancing on the couch, weekly videos are always at your fingertips. Just sign in on your laptop, smartphone or iPad and let the music move you no matter where you are.

Dance to your favorite hip-hop songs and get a workout at the same time.

Having taught thousands of people, Melissa has created a unique method to teach combos that will make dances which look complex super easy for everyone. After the class, your friends and followers will be amazed, thinking you’ve been practicing for years.

Meet Melissa

NBA Dancer, NHL Ice Girl, Choreographer

When it comes to dance, Melissa has done it all - she's been an NBA Dancer, NHL Ice Girl, and a Choreographer. However, what she is most known for, is teaching people dances that look really complex in a way that anyone can master them (in less than an hour too). She has developed a reputation where almost every class she teaches sells out in advance.

Learn dance + get a workout from a world renowned coach.

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